The Continuing Adventures of Three Intrepid Fisherfriends




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October 2002

The Boys once again headed south on their Annual pilgrimage to the changeable waters of the Mataura.  As usual their spirit levels were kept high by months of preparation.  Dehydration was not going to be a problem.  

Following last years unsuccessful attempt to boat to the head of Lake Mavora, another attempt was planned.   The trusty motor vessel 'Y-knot' was once again hooked onto the 4X4 in the early frosty dawn and the team headed off.  As we climbed to the main road the freezing mist enveloped us and cut visibility to one power pole ahead.  Frost could be seen forming on the bonnet stone deflector as we drove. After crossing the Oreti the mist cleared and we headed north with the sun warming one side of the truck.  Arriving at the upper Mavora the wind was blowing down the Lake and the surrounding shaded land was frozen.  We headed back down to the delta where the river flows into the lower lake and fished through the ice without any success.  We worked our way down the lake till we stopped for a bite of lunch. We noticed that the wind had dropped so we headed back up to the top lake which was flat.  We launched the boat and headed up the lake to the hut on the left hand side, three quarter of the way up the lake. After a look around and checking out the Visitors book we trolled our way back down the lake with only one fish hooked.  When Rudds got it alongside the boat the hook snapped.  (Dear Santa, please bring Ian some new hooks).  On our way home we fished the Oreti at the bridge before Lumsden.


The rest of our time away was spent fishing the Mataura and Waikaia with limited success.  Certainly not as successful as previous years. But a great time was had,  as usual.



In early December the boys joined Merv, Dave and Brian from our Lions Club on what we hope will be the first annual Green Island Lions Fishing trip to Lake Hawea.

Merv booked us into the Hunter Valley Station Shearer's Quarters.  We traveled up on Friday and stopped for lunch at the Hawea Pub.  When we got up to the Station and got all our gear in place, we headed down to the Lake to launch the boats.  It was too rough for a start so we had a rest and drink then tried again after tea.  The Lake was rough but we motored across to behind Silver Island where Dave and Brian got a salmon each. 

Saturday morning dawned with the wind still blowing, so we went across to Lake Wanaka at Makarora.  Both boats returned with two fish each.  Fish for tea again.

Sunday morning was still, so we launched the boats early and headed up towards the Hunter River.  Ian's boat went right up into the river while Merv and his team worked their way up the left hand side till they struck gold at the Red Bridge.  Trev & Lester each got a fish at the Hunter mouth, then, after getting beached a couple of times,  headed down to meet the other boat. By the time we met up with them they had a dozen fish on board.  We fished with them with great success for about an hour before heading back down the Lake.  Ruds got the largest fish (Even though he reckoned it was a small one and he would put it back as he wound it in). We pulled the boats out,  collected our gear from the Station and headed for home.  The Boys headed home via Ranfurly and a brief visit  to check out Jack Rutherford's nearly completed new home. (He is waiting on the builder, plumber and electrician, all to finish little bits,  [All Family Members])

The total for the weekend was 46 fish  (not all were taken).